Falling In Love With Your Skin

Your skin is apart of who you are, It makes you unique ! So many people grow up not embracing and loving their skin. Rather it be because of  hyper pigmentation, eczema, or any other reasons to feel your skin anything less then beautiful.  It's true our skin can be very complex in many ways but it's never meant to be underappreciated. As many know our skin is very absorbent , in fact we absorb about 60%-70% of what we put on our skin. With that being said we have to watch what we feed to our skin. Rather that be drinking a lot of water or taking the time out to have a balance skin care routine that work best according to our own skin. I promise your skin will thank you if you treat it with tender love and care. We want to hear more about your own skin care journeys or how you've grown to love your skin!

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